Bedbug Inspections:

In order to be able to perform a successful treatment, a thorough inspection must be completed. One of our trained and certified inspectors will come to your property and inspect diligently to find any signs or evidence of current or prior bedbug activity. Once we have established the need for the treatment, they will be able to go over with you in detail the next steps for preparations and ultimately what to expect on the treatment date!

Bedbug Heat Treatment:

Georgia Bedbug Solutions offers heat remediation services for the elimination of bedbugs, at whatever life cycle they may be in. By safely raising the temperature in the structure to over 125 degrees we are able to remove all threats of bedbugs with one thorough treatment.  No matter the circumstances, you can rest assured that your home will be treated by the best trained and most thorough technicians in the industry.  On average the standard treatment takes between 3-5 hours and after the home has cooled to a safe temperature, you will be able to comfortable begin enjoying your home again!


90 Days same as cash!

Not only do we have our services priced competitively, but we also offer 90-days same as cash! This is just another way that we want to help assist our customers. By working with Georgia Bedbug Solutions, all that you need to do is pay the initial deposit and you can pay the rest over the next 90 days!



We understand that bedbugs can be a little embarrassing and are needed to be taken care of as discretely as possible. Keeping this in mind we will NOT show up to your property in a marked vehicle. When we pull up to your property we will look just like a random contractor with a truck and enclosed trailer. This is just another small step that we take in satisfying our customers!